Electronic Prescription Scanning Incentive (ePSI)

In order to maximise your pharmacy’s ability to achieve the specified ETP Scan Rate and access this incentive, your pharmacy needs to:

1. Register for ETP with a Prescription Exchange Service (PES) – the eRx Script Exchange at www.erx.com.au and/or the MediSecure service at www.medisecure.com.au

2. Encourage all your pharmacy assistants and pharmacists to present all original prescriptions to the dispensary with the barcoded side up

3. Scan every barcoded script that enters your pharmacy (including repeats as best practice)

4. Report any recurring issues to your dispensary software vendor and ehealth@guild.org.au so that these issues can be investigated and improvements made to the software.

For more information refer to the Factsheet: ePSI (pdf - 132 KB) and Frequently Asked Questions: ePSI (pdf - 291 KB)