Review of Pharmacy Workforce Programs

As part of the ongoing review into workforce programs administered under the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement, including Rural and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pharmacy Workforce Programs, Healthcare Management Advisors have been contracted by the Department of Health to conduct a number of surveys.

HMA are seeking feedback from community pharmacists, students, pharmacy assistants, interns and graduates that have participated in the programs, or from people who have not participated, but would still like to provide feedback. The purpose of these surveys is to help assess whether the programs, in their current format, effectively address the workforce shortages in Rural Pharmacy. The Pharmacy Guild of Australia are fully supportive of assessing the current programs and encourage you to take part.

Links to the program specific surveys are below; each survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary, and all responses will be held in confidence by HMA. For more information about our project, please see the Plain Language Statement.

Survey links for participating pharmacists:


Survey links for students, pharmacy assistants, interns and graduates:


We appreciate your feedback. If you have any difficulty accessing the survey, or other queries please do not hesitate to contact Emma Fehring on 03 9998 1950 or via email