IMPORTANT: DAA & Staged Supply Claims Due

As per the recent program changes announcements, claims for Dose Administration Aids (DAA) and Staged Supply services must now be submitted monthly.  Claims for DAA and Staged Supply services provided in July 2017 will be due by the end of August 2017.

If you have not yet claimed for July 2017 Dose Administration Aids (DAA) or Staged Supply services, simply login to the 6CPA Registration and Claiming Portal and click on the ‘NEW CLAIM’ Tab.

Claiming for DAA Dose Administration Aids must be lodged by the end of the following calendar month (i.e. July DAA service provision will need to be lodged by the end of August).

The claims submission process remains much the same as it was previously, with you being prompted to enter in the number of services you are claiming for. Please note however, these are no longer combined with Clinical Interventions and that you will now be asked to provide the “number of DAAs packed for the eligible patients for the period” (please note that multiple DAAs packed for the same patient during a single week will only count as one DAA).

Community pharmacies will only be paid up to their individual allocated cap amount.

Please Note: NO documents are currently required to be uploaded when submitting a DAA claim. Simply click ‘Submit’ on the upload documents page to complete the claiming process

Claiming for Staged Supply Staged Supply claims must be submitted monthly and must be lodged by the end of the following calendar month (i.e. July Staged Supply service provision will need to be lodged by the end of August).

To ensure that the funding remains within the allocated budget, the service has been capped  to four (4) patients per community pharmacy.

The claims submission process is much like that of a MedsCheck or HMR and requires an excel claiming template be completed and attached. This template contains all information required to receive the service fees and data collection fee, where eligible.The Staged Supply claiming template can be found at​

Reminder: Clinical Interventions are now claimed separately from DAAs and are to be claimed quarterly. The next CI claiming period will be open between 1 and 14 October 2017 and will be for services completed between 1 July and 30 September 2017.

If you have any question please contact the 6CPA Support Team on 1300 555 262 or at