Update – DAA Claiming Process

Since the introduction of the new DAA claiming process in February 2018 we have experienced a large number of claims submitted using an incorrect claim form for the DAA program. The correct DAA claiming document can be found here. Select the link under Forms & Templates titled Claim template: DAA Basic Service Provision. This will download the most recent version of the excel claim template.

 If you have had a claim declined for this reason and think you may have submitted later claims using the incorrect claim template then please email the correct claim form to support@6cpa.com.au quoting the 6 digit claim number for your DAA claim. Please note that this is for claims that have not progressed past Pending Processing Stage 1 claim status on the 6CPA portal. If a claim has a status of Pending Processing Stage 2 or Pending Payment then the claim has progressed too far through our system and can’t be adjusted. For these claims please wait for the decline email notification and resubmit your claim within 30 days of that email being sent out, using the current correct DAA claiming document.

 If you have patients who are picking up more than 1 DAA pack at a time, then please use the start date of each pack as the date of service rather than the date both were collected from the Pharmacy. Putting the same date of service for 2, or more, different DAA packs will result in each item being declined as a duplicate service.

 For further information please contact the Helpline on 1300 555 262 or send an email to support@6cpa.com.au