Submitting Correct Claim Forms

Recently the 6CPA team has observed a number of incorrect or modified claim templates being submitted for programs on the 6CPA portal. When submitting a claim please ensure you are using the specified claim template.

Submitting a claim using a modified or incorrect template will result in your claim being declined. Claim templates are designed to capture the data required for approval of claims, often this will be a fixed response from a drop-down menu. Entering any other data in these fields will result in the claim not matching the data required and will result in your claim being declined.

Claim templates for each 6CPA program can be found within the Medication Adherence and Medication Management sections of this site. Your software provider may provide functionality to export the required data in the required format from their system, ready to be submitted on the 6CPA portal. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the template you submit is correct. If you are using a version generated by your software please check with your vendor that is consistent with the specified claim template.

If you have any queries or would like to clarify the fixed response options please contact the 6CPA Support team on 1300 555 262 or via email at