S100 Pharmacy Support Allowance

This Scheme is one of the suite of programmes that aim to improve quality use of medicines and culturally appropriate services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consumers.

The S100 Pharmacy Support Allowance is paid to Section 90 approved pharmacies and approved hospital authorities for the provision of a range of Quality Use of Medicine (QUM) services to patients in approved remote area Aboriginal Health Services (AHSs) participating in the S100 supply arrangements.

Eligible applicants receive an annual allowance for the delivery of QUM support services. These services are delivered in accordance with a documented Work Plan, agreed between the participating pharmacy and the CEO or Medical Officer of the AHS.

QUM support services may include assisting the AHS to develop an implementation plan for the ongoing administration of the S100 supply arrangements, developing and implementing procedures and protocols for managing S100 supply arrangements, assisting AHS staff with stock control and providing education, or reviewing patient medicines.


In order to be eligible for payment, the applicant must provide a range of services to support the remote area AHS in its implementation of, and ongoing participation in, the S100 supply arrangements. The range of services to be provided is determined by agreement with the relevant AHS and must be documented and certified in an annual Work Plan.

In the first instance, an approved pharmacy supplying medicines to an Approved AHS will be eligible to provide the support services. Where an Approved Pharmacy supplying medicines to an Approved AHS exists, and they do not wish to provide or are unable to provide the support services, eligibility to provide the support services may be extended to another approved pharmacy or an approved hospital authority.

Applications for the S100 Pharmacy Support Allowance may be made through the 6CPA Registration and Claiming Portal.


An allowance of between $6,000 and $10,500 (ex GST) may be paid to an eligible applicant for providing services to support an approved AHS in its implementation or continuation of S100 supply arrangements. If applicable, a travel loading and additional loading may be paid.

If Outstations attached to the Approved AHS are also being serviced under these arrangements, a flat rate of $6,000 (ex GST) per Outstation per annum is payable for providing these support services. If applicable, a travel loading and additional loading may be paid.

Payments are made by the Guild via Electronic Funds Transfer. For further information on how payments are administered, including calculation of allowances and travel loading, see the S100 Pharmacy Support Allowance Program Specific Guidelines.


An eligible applicant who wishes to provide support services under the S100 Pharmacy Support Allowance must be informed about general Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health issues. Resources are available in the S100 Pharmacy Information Kit.

Additionally, applicants must have undertaken appropriate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples cultural orientation and been appropriately advised by the AHS of local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community arrangements and health issues. Training information and resources is available in the S100 Pharmacy Information Kit.