Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial


The Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial has now ended. Thank you to all of our participants, we appreciate your contribution to this important research trial.


Final follow-up consultation period ENDS 29 February 2020

Patient Follow Up services

Follow Up services must be completed in the consultation room AND in Guildcare NG by 29 February 2020. Services that are marked ‘APPROACHED’ in yellow are incomplete and will not be paid for.

No new patients may enter into the trial.

Your pharmacy can now receive TWO $500 bonus payments for your hard work recruiting and providing services to patients in the Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial.

Bonus Payments

How do I gain these bonus payments for my pharmacy? 

  • For the first $500 bonus complete at least 10 initial patient services through GuildcareNG
  • For the second $500 bonus complete ALL follow-up services for at least 10 patients through GuildcareNG.

Service Deadlines

  • Follow-up services end on February 29, 2020.

Why are you receiving these payments? 

We want to acknowledge the hard work and enthusiasm of community pharmacists, so these bonuses are also retroactive. In other words, if you have already completed 10 follow up services, your pharmacy will receive the total of $1000 in bonuses.

While 10 is a great number to aim for, more is better. Remember, there is no cap on the number of patients you can recruit. The more data we collect, the stronger the results of the trial will be.

Patient Consent Forms

Patient Consent Forms

Thank you to everyone who has sent their patient consent forms to our research partners, HealthConsult.

Yet to send your forms? Now is the time – all main and evaluation site patient consent forms should be returned to HealthConsult using the prepaid envelopes your pharmacy received in December 2019.

Need more envelopes? No problem, just give us a call.

The Trial

The Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial is funded by the Australian Department of Health as part of the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement (6CPA) Pharmacy Trial Program (PTP).

The 6CPA PTP was established to trial new and expanded Community Pharmacy Programs that seek to improve clinical outcomes for consumers and by progressing the role of community pharmacies in the delivery of primary healthcare services.

The Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial objective is to evaluate the efficacy of the Chronic Pain MedsCheck service in:

  • preventing incorrect use and/or overuse of pain medication,
  • increasing patients’ pain medication health literacy,
  • improving their ability to self-manage their chronic pain, and;
  • improving their overall quality of life


Community pharmacy registrations for the Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial are now closed.

Pharmacies participating in the trial must register their pharmacists to complete the compulsory online training prior to conducting services. They will be required to collect data in the GuildCare NG software (where patient consent has been obtained) for at least 10 patients. Pharmacies will be reimbursed for all services they complete on the GuildcareNG software.

Further information including pharmacy trial payments can be found in the Pharmacy/Pharmacist Information Statement.


You can find the trial resources along the right hand side this page.

To help promote the Chronic Pain MedsCheck at your pharmacy, you can print out our poster and flyer. We have included a blank space at the bottom the the A5 Flyer 2019 – Blank document for you to add your pharmacy details to the flyer.


Pharmacy registrations for the trial are now closed. Notification of participation has been emailed to participating pharmacies with details of which group they have been randomly allocated into and next steps.

If any pharmacist of a participating pharmacy has not received their training access email from Guild Learning and Development, please contact the Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial project team at

Training and Trial Software Access

The training modules are worth up to 7.5 Group 2 CPD points and are available through the GuildEd platform as an included part of the trial. The trial modules are clinician reviewed and tailored for community pharmacy. Everyone granted access can start the training modules through under the My Learning tab.

Once at least one (1) pharmacist from the participating pharmacy has been confirmed by the Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial project team as having completed the training, GuildLink will then be notified to provide complimentary access to the Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial Software for that pharmacy.

The Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial project team will be sending out weekly confirmation emails to each pharmacy once we have confirmed that one pharmacist has completed training and that we will be notifying GuildLink to provide access to the Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial Software for that pharmacy.

If any pharmacist of a participating pharmacy has not received email access to the training, please contact the Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial project team at to confirm details.


If a pharmacy agrees to participate, all pharmacists participating in the trial are obliged to complete free CPD accredited online training modules. The Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial training program which will explain:

  • the trial design,
  • requirements of pharmacies in each group,
  • types of patients that are suitable for invitation to the trial,
  • suggested process for identifying patients that meet the trial criteria,
  • the intervention process including data collection requirements.

In addition, pharmacies that are randomised to be an evaluation trial site will be involved in an additional free online CPD training accredited training session on the evaluation trial site specific requirements.

Patient Recruitment

Once pharmacists have completed the training, the pharmacy will be asked to recruit and complete initial consultations on the GuildcareNG software for around 10 patients that meet the trial criteria until 30 November 2019.

The trial target population includes patients living with ongoing chronic pain for three or more months who may be experiencing self-management problems or pain medication dependency.

Patient Services

The Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial is a Pharmacy Trial Program (PTP) that will trial the delivery of a specialised Chronic Pain MedsCheck within community pharmacy.

The trial intervention from community pharmacy will include:

  • supported self -management of patients taking medication who are dealing with chronic pain for more than three months through pharmacist advice;
  • pharmacy-based evaluation of patient’s medicine, and;
  • provision of an action plan
    • action plans will incorporate education, self-management and referral to other health professionals where additional support is required.
  • three month follow up after the initial service

The Chronic Pain MedsCheck trial includes two randomly selected intervention groups, Group A and Group B:

Group A: Involves an initial in-pharmacy face-to-face consultation between the pharmacist and the consumer and a three month follow up consultation.

Group B: Involves an initial in-pharmacy face-to-face consultation between the pharmacist and the consumer; a six week midpoint follow up consultation by telephone, and a three month follow up consultation.

From each group will also be randomly selected a number of evaluation pharmacies, to provide additional information on the intervention. These pharmacies will provided appropriate remuneration for the additional request of their time, please see the Pharmacy/Pharmacist Information Statement for more details.

The Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial service will include the provision of information about accessing additional support, or where appropriate a referral to the patients’ GP or allied health professional.

Community pharmacies delivering Chronic Pain MedsChecks will be encouraged to build relationships with other health professionals providing support for patients with chronic pain.

For more detail about the service, please read the Pharmacy/Pharmacist Information Statement.

Claims and Payments

The Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial uses a passive claiming system. This means as long as you have completed all the required data correctly in the GuildcareNG software, you will be paid for services after data validation. There is no requirement to submit a claim for payment.

If any further information is required for payment, the project team will contact you.


You can call the Guild Trial Programs on 1300 555 262 or email for any further queries.