Clinical Interventions

Clinical Interventions has been designed to identify, resolve and document drug-related issues that are identified with community pharmacy. The Programme seeks to improve patient health outcomes and improve quality use of medicines.

A Clinical Intervention is a professional activity undertaken by a registered pharmacist directed towards improving quality use of medicines and resulting in a recommendation for a change in the patient’s medication therapy, means of administration or medication-taking behaviour. It must relate to a medicine and be recorded using the D.O.C.U.M.E.N.T. classification system. (Note: interventions under the M.E.N. components of the classification system cannot be claimed)

Clinical Interventions does not include generic medicine substitution, routine prescription-related counselling, CMI provision or QUM activities conducted during a HMR, RMMR, MedsCheck or Diabetes MedsCheck.


To be eligible to receive incentive payments for the Clinical Intervention Programme, a community pharmacy must:

  • be a Section 90 Pharmacy;
  • be accredited by an approved Pharmacy Accreditation Program such as the Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP);
  • agree to publicly display and comply with the Community Pharmacy Service Charter and Customer Service Statement;
  • register for the programme via the 6CPA Registration and Claiming Portal;
  • continue to meet the above eligibility criteria while participating in the Clinical Intervention Programme; and
  • deliver Clinical Interventions in accordance with the PPI Programme Specific Guidelines.

Claiming and Payments

Pharmacies will be paid a periodic incentive payment when delivering Clinical Interventions in accordance with the PPI Programme Specific Guidelines.

Community pharmacies participating in the Clinical Intervention Programme are required to submit a Clinical Intervention claim via the 6CPA Registration and Claiming Portal during the Claim Due Date period for each eligible claiming period.

PPI – Eligible Claiming Periods Claim Due Date
1 January to 31 March (approx. 13 weeks) 1 – 14 April
1 April to 31 May (approx. 9 weeks) 1 – 14 June
1 June to 30 September (approx. 17 weeks) 1 – 14 October
1 October to 31 December (approx. 13 weeks) 1 – 14 January

Note: As stated in the PPI Programme Specific Guidelines claims will be rejected if received after the claim due date.