Staged Supply

Staged Supply has been designed to support the provision of PBS medicines in instalments when requested by the prescriber (excluding the section 100 opioid dependency treatment programme). These instalments may be daily, weekly, or as otherwise agreed with the prescriber. The service is particularly targeted to patients with a mental illness, drug dependency or who are otherwise unable to manage their medicines safely.

Staged Supply is an in-pharmacy service and for the purposes of this programme, is the provision of PBS medicines in instalments where requested by the prescriber. Staged Supply services specifically exclude medicines supplied under the Section 100 Opiate Dependence Treatment Program.


To be eligible to receive incentive payments under the Staged Supply Programme, a community pharmacy must:

  • be a Section 90 Pharmacy;
  • be accredited by an approved Pharmacy Accreditation Program such as the Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP);
  • agree to publicly display and comply with the Community Pharmacy Service Charter and Customer Service Statement;
  • register for the programme via the 6CPA Registration and Claiming Portal;
  • continue to meet the above eligibility criteria while participating in the Staged Supply Programme; and
  • deliver Staged Supply services in accordance with the PPI Programme Specific Guidelines

Claiming and Payments

Pharmacies will be paid an annual incentive payment for offering a Staged Supply service in accordance with the PPI Programme Specific Guidelines.