Continuing Professional Education Allowance

This Allowance is one of the suite of programmes under the Rural Pharmacy Workforce Programs which are designed to strengthen and support the rural pharmacy workforce, in turn to provide increased access to quality pharmacy services for consumers residing in rural and remote regions of Australia.

The Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Allowance provides financial support to assist pharmacists from rural and remote areas to access CPE and other Professional Development activities.


Applicants for the CPE Allowance must:

  • be Australian citizens or permanent residents;
  • be practising pharmacists (including intern pharmacists and pharmacists preparing to re-enter the workforce); and
  • reside and work in a PhARIA category 2 – 6, locations can be found on the PhARIA website.

Evidence must be provided to validate claims such as: proof of residency/citizenship, proof of attendance and receipts, etc.

The allowance is also made available to professional educators travelling to a group of practising pharmacists to deliver CPE.

Applications must be received by the 6CPA Support Team within 60 days of the conclusion of the CPE event. Late applications will not be accepted. A separate application must be submitted for each CPE activity.


Applications for the CPE Allowance may be made via the ‘Apply’ button above.

Document Certification

Acceptable authorities for certifying documents:

  • Australian Chartered Accountant/Australian CPA (must include membership number)
  • Australian embassy/consulate/high commission staff
  • University official (must include university stamp in addition to signature)
  • Notary public
  • Solicitor, Legal practitioner, Magistrate
  • Justice of the peace
  • Commissioner for declarations
  • Commissioner for affidavits
  • Commissioner of oaths
  • Migration agent, registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (must include registration number)
  • Police officer
  • Pharmacist
  • Postal Manager


Funding is offered under the CPE Allowance for travel and accommodation costs associated with the participation in or delivery of accredited Group 2 or Group 3 activities or participation in preceptor training activities or pharmacy workforce re-entry courses. Costs associated with obtaining locum relief, such as locum travel and accommodation can be claimed, but locum wages cannot.

Funding will not be considered for registration fees, overseas conferences, meals, locum wages, car hire and travel to and from accommodation venue to CPE venue.

Allowances have a maximum value of $2,000. However, applications over $2,000 will be considered where additional documentation is supplied to substantiate the reasons for the additional costs (e.g. airfares or other additional transport links from remote centres). These applications will be subject to review by the Guild.