Increasing Patient Demand for Home Medicines Review: A Marketing Plan

Project Details
Project ID: IIG-049
Type: Investigator Initiated
Status: Completed
Institution: University of Sydney
Chief Investigator: Professor Lesley White

Project Summary

The aim of the project was the development of a marketing plan, the objective of which is to increase consumer demand for Home Medicines Reviews (HMRs). In order to provide necessary background for the development of this plan, an extensive research project investigated the awareness, perceptions and satisfaction of patients and carers (recipients and eligible non-recipients) regarding the HMR program.

The key issues identified in the marketing plan are very low awareness of HMRs amongst eligible non-recipient patients and carers and extremely high levels of satisfaction in HMR recipients together with very positive perceptions amongst those eligible patients and carers who have not had an HMR. A segmentation analysis was conducted and four priority segments were proposed for initial targeting. These were patients with an identified complex disease with a high likelihood of co-morbidity who are able to make independent decisions about their health and speak English as their primary language, carers who speak English as their primary language and care for those patients described above, patients who have had an HMR more than 12 months ago and speak English as their primary language, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.

In order to meet the proposed objectives of increasing the number of first time HMRs and repeat HMRs by 25% and 50% respectively within 12 months, specific strategies were recommended to overcome the lack of awareness, facilitate self identification of eligibility and increase repeat HMRs