Previous Research and Development Projects

From 1995 to 2015, Research and Development (R&D) has been a key focus of Community Pharmacy Agreements.  The aims of the R & D Program was to contribute to maintaining and improving the health outcomes of Australians through evidence-based best practice based on issues related to pharmacy and the provision of quality services to patients. Final reports of research projects conducted under the Third Agreement (3CPA), Fourth Agreement (4CPA) and Fifth Agreement (5CPA) can be found below.

Title Chief Researcher Agreement
3D* Labels (Dandenong Division of General Practice) Graeme Sweet (3CPA)
Allergic Rhinitis Self-management Program in Community Pharmacy Dr Lorraine Smith (4CPA)
Asthma self-management in the community: pharmacists facilitating empowerment of patient asthma self-management practices through collaboration Dr Sinthia Bosnic- Anticevich (3CPA)
Building Organisation Flexibility to Promote the Implementation of Primary Care Service in Community Pharmacy Professor Charlie Benrimoj (4CPA)
Case conferences and care planning – Collaboration between community pharmacists and general practitioners Dr Tim Chen (3CPA)
Change management and community pharmacy Distinguished Professor Dexter Dunphy (3CPA)
Chronic Illness Professor Amanda Wheeler, Griffith University (5CPA)
Collaboration between CP & mental health care practitioners Dr Paula Whitehead (3CPA)
A Collaborative Screening, Referral and Management Process to Improve Health Outcomes in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Ms Heather Allen (4CPA)
A community pharmacist delivered therapeutics outcome monitoring service for hyperlipidemia Dr Parisa Aslani (3CPA)
A community pharmacy based anticoagulant management service Dr Andrew McLachlan (3CPA)
Community pharmacists providing clinical services for dispensing doctors and depot pharmacies in rural Queensland – tele-pharmacy Dr Lisa Nissen (3CPA)
Community Pharmacy Medication Incident and Reporting Management System (CPMIRMS) (PROMISe) Professor Greg Peterson (3CPA)
Community Pharmacy Promoting Appropriate Sedative Use in Aged Care Facilities: the ReDUSe project Professor Greg Peterson (4CPA)
Community Pharmacy Research Support Centre Professor Carol Armour (3CPA)
Consumer Access to Prescription Medicines Wayne Kinrade (3CPA)
Consumer Experiences, Needs and Expectations of Community Pharmacy Dr Kathy Mott (3CPA)
Consumer Needs  John Cannings, PricewaterhouseCoopers (5CPA)
Consumer perceptions of supply of and access to consumer medicines Mr Paul Zadow (4CPA)
Cost benefit analysis of pharmacist only and pharmacy medicines and a risk based evaluation of the standards Professor Charlie Benrimoj (3CPA)
Customised education programs for patients with Diabetes Mellitus – Use of Structured Questionnaires and Education Modules Jeffery Hughes (3CPA)
To Develop and Pilot a Best Practice Community Pharmacy Chlamydia Screening Model Dr Rhonda Clifford (4CPA)
Developing a sustainable Pharmacy Support Network to address geographical issues associated with quality use of medicines Fiona Kelly (3CPA)
Development and evaluation of a computerised system for the provision and documentation of community pharmacists’ cognitive services Professor Greg Peterson (3CPA)
Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Funding Model Options for the Dispensing of Pharmacotherapies for Opioid Dependence in Community Pharmacy (Addiction Care 1) Wayne Kinrade (3CPA)
Dispensing and Monitoring of Schedule 8 and Schedule 4 (with dependency properties) Drugs (Addiction Care 2) Chris Lynton-Moll (3CPA)
Documenting Clinical Interventions in Community Pharmacy: PROMISe III Professor Gregory Peterson (4CPA)
The economics of pharmaceutical services for methadone services in a public clinic and community pharmacies Professor Bruce Sunderland (3CPA)
Educating community pharmacists to provide quality advice and information to consumers via the internet Professor Chris Silagy (3CPA)
Effectiveness and cost effectiveness of Dose Administration Aids Professor Michael Roberts (3CPA)
Effectiveness and cost effectiveness of Dose Administration Aids – phase 3 (DAA phase 3) Professor Michael Roberts (3CPA)
Enhancing the value of pharmacists through augmented competency standards and targeted professional practice standards Bill Kelly (3CPA)
Ensuring the appropriateness of topical over-the-counter antifungal agents for clients with self-diagnosed vaginal thrush Peter Tenni (3CPA)
Evaluation of Clinical Interventions within Community Pharmacy (PROMISe II) Professor Greg Peterson (3CPA)
Evaluation of HMR Program John Schwartzkoff (3CPA)
Evaluation of the Medicine Information for consumers (MIC) program Murray Bento (3CPA)
Evaluation of the Quality Care Pharmacy Program John Chapman (3CPA)
Evaluation of the R&D Program Professor Rosemary Calder (3CPA)
Facilitating quality use of medicines between hospital and community (Med-E-Support) Professor Greg Peterson (3CPA)
Health Literacy Gregory Duncan, Monash University (5CPA)
HMR: Refining patient eligibility criteria Wayne Kinrade, Healthcare Management Advisors (5CPA)
From hospital to community: a multidisplinary “continuity of care” model for cardiovascular patients involving community pharmacists Dr Tim Chen (3CPA)
Hypertension: Improving patient compliance and clinical outcomes through community pharmacist managed care Dr Jeffery Hughes (3CPA)
Implementing and Evaluating a Parallel Post-discharge Home Medicines Review (HMR) Model Dr Manya Angley (4CPA)
Improving Australian’s access to prescription medicines: Development of pharmacy practice models Dr Tracey Bessell (3CPA)
Improving medication management of palliative care patients: enhancing the role of community pharmacists Professor Roger Nation (3CPA)
Improving the quality, effectiveness and sustainability of smoking cessation services, delivered through community pharmacies Professor Andrew Gilbert (3CPA)
Increasing Community Pharmacy Involvement in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Associate Professor Kay Stewart (4CPA)
Increasing Patient Demand for Home Medicines Review: A Marketing Plan Professor Lesley White (4CPA)
An integrated model for disease state management (DSM) in diabetes: collaboration of the community pharmacist and GP in continuity of care Associate Professor Ines Krass (3CPA)
An integrated service, initiated by community pharmacists, for the prevention of osteoporosis Dr Susan Taylor (3CPA)
The Integration of Complementary Medicines in Community Pharmacy Practice Professor Michael Dooley (4CPA)
An investigation into business and professional facilitators for change for the pharmacy profession in light of the Third Guild/Government Agreement Professor Charlie Benrimoj (3CPA)
Investigating Consumer Medicine Information (I-CMI) Project Dr Parisa Aslani (4CPA)
Managing mental illness and promoting and sustaining recovery Mr Wayne Kinrade (4CPA)
Medication management and education of osteoarthritis patients: evaluation of a role for community pharmacists Dr Tim Chen (3CPA)
Mental Health Professor Amanda Wheeler, Griffith University (5CPA)
Mentor support program Leone Coper (3CPA)
A National Funding Model for Pharmacotherapy Treatment for Opioid Dependence in Community Pharmacy Dr Anne-Marie Feyer (4CPA)
National trial to test strategies to improve medication compliance in a community pharmacy setting Dr Anne-Marie Feyer (4CPA)
The Nature, Extent and Impact of Triage Provided By Community Pharmacy in Victoria Professor Colin Chapman (4CPA)
Pharmacist Assessment and Adherence, Risk and Treatment in Cardiovascular Disease Mr Kevin McNamara (4CPA)
Pharmacy and general practice disease management collaboration Reitai Minogue (3CPA)
Pharmacy Asthma Action Plan – Pharmacists receiving remuneration for addressing the issues for people with asthma in the community Dr Sinthia Bosnic- Anticevich (3CPA)
Pharmacy Asthma Care Program Professor Carol Armour (3CPA)
Pharmacy Cardiovascular Health Care Model Professor Greg Peterson (3CPA)
Pharmacy Continence Care Program Professor Rosemary Calder (3CPA)
Pharmacy Diabetes Care Program Associate Professor Ines Krass (3CPA)
Pharmacy Dispensing Records to Identify and Educate Patients with Suboptimal Asthma Management Dr Shane Jackson (4CPA)
Pharmacy Workforce Planning Mr Lee Ridoutt (4CPA)
Pharmacy workforce supply and demand 2000-2010 Dr David Gadiel (3CPA)
Pharmacy-based Model Enabling Patient Self-monitoring of Warfarin: Development and Evaluation Dr Luke Bereznicki (4CPA)
Pharmacy-based program to tackle coronary heart disease in the Australian community Professor Greg Peterson (3CPA)
Professional Collaboration John Cannings, PricewaterhouseCoopers (5CPA)
Professional pharmacy services to private hospitals Rebekah Moles (3CPA)
Quantification of facilitators to accelerate uptake of cognitive pharmaceutical services (CPS) in community pharmacy Professor Charlie Benrimoj (3CPA)
Reference data base of Australia’s community pharmacies: analysis of national survey Con Berbatis (3CPA)
Review of DMMR software Wayne Kinrade (3CPA)
The Role of Community Pharmacy in Post Hospital Management of Patients Initiated on Warfarin Professor Greg Peterson (4CPA)
The Role of Pharmacists in Sleep Health: a Screening, Awareness and Monitoring Program Dr Bandana Saini (4CPA)
The role of pharmacy in immunisation Professor Joan Dawes (3CPA)
The Role of the Pharmacist in the Provision of Palliative Care Professor Moyez Jiwa (4CPA)
Rural community pharmacists integrating care for people with complex health needs Dr Lisa Nissen (3CPA)
The value of pharmacist professional services in the community setting Dr Libby Roughhead (3CPA)
VALMER (the Economic Value of Home Medicines Reviews) Dr Peter Tenni (4CPA)
Weight Management Associate Professor Allan Everett (3CPA)
Workforce and career path options for pharmacy assistants Wayne Kinrade (3CPA)
Woundcare benchmarking in community pharmacy – Piloting a QA indicator development Dr Julie Stokes (3CPA)

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