3D* Labels (Dandenong Division of General Practice)

Project Details
Project ID: 2003-010
Type: Investigator Initiated
Status: Completed
Institution: Dandenong Division of General Practice Chief Investigator, Graeme Sweet
Chief Investigator: Graeme Sweet

Project Summary

This project aims to redesign a dispensing label that may include cautionary and advisory labels (CALs) to supplement the existing labels that are currently in use by pharmacies. This redesigned label will be larger than current labels thus allowing for larger font print. It will also incorporate cautionary and advisory labels in larger font. The pharmacist will, when dispensing, have the ability to use either their existing labels or the new redesigned label as appropriate. Using the new label would also record in the dispensing system the cautionary and advisory labels that were added to the label. The project will focus on consumer and health professional satisfaction and outcomes as well as an assessment on pharmacy work-flows.