An investigation into business and professional facilitators for change for the pharmacy profession in light of the Third Guild/Government Agreement

Project Details
Project ID: 2001-070
Type: Investigator Initiated
Status: Completed
Institution: University of Sydney
Chief Investigator: Professor Charlie Benrimoj

Project Summary

This project aimed to develop a pharmacy business and professional plan for destiny of the profession in light of the Third Guild-Government agreement. It focuses on the uptake of new remunerable cognitive pharmaceutical services, such as domiciliary medication management services. This plan will enable the pharmacy profession to incorporate cognitive services as part of their core business. Potential drivers and facilitators for the uptake of these services were identified using a variety of qualitative techniques. Participants included pharmacists from leading edge practices (early adopters), mainstream practices (middle to late adopters) and other practices (laggards). Broad consultation with recognised experts from key disciplines (pharmacy and medicine, health economics, business and consumer groups etc) was also undertaken. The report made seven key recommendations.