Asthma self-management in the community: pharmacists facilitating empowerment of patient asthma self-management practices through collaboration

Project Details
Project ID: 2003-008
Type: Investigator Initiated
Status: Completed
Institution: University of Sydney
Chief Investigator: Dr Sinthia Bosnic- Anticevich

Project Summary

An important element of optimal asthma management is for people with asthma to practice self-management behavior (Step 5 of the NAC’s (National Asthma Council’s) Asthma Management Plan, published in the Asthma Management Handbook).The NAC promotes asthma self-management through the use of written self-management plans (Asthma Action Plans) which are written by general medical practitioners (GPs) and can be supported by pharmacists. Self-management behaviour is often difficult for patients and they require the support and commitment of all their health care professionals. Community pharmacists are ideally placed to identify people with asthma who require an Asthma Management Plan and further, to assist the patient and the general practitioner in fostering patient self management. This project will involve pharmacists helping to empower patients to adopt self-management strategies so that they can take control of their asthma. The Community Pharmacy Asthma Self-Management Program (developed through a previous Third Community Pharmacy Agreement Research and Development Grant) will be implemented and its impact on clinical, humanistic and economic outcomes will be assessed using a randomised, controlled, parallel group study. The study protocol will focus on collaboration with the general practitioner and integration into the 3+Visit Plan.