Case conferences and care planning – Collaboration between community pharmacists and general practitioners

Project Details
Project ID: 2001-064
Type: Investigator Initiated
Status: Completed
Institution: University of Sydney
Chief Investigator: Dr Tim Chen

Project Summary

The study set out to determine if adding a case conference intervention to a standard Home Medicines Review (HMR) facilitates more detailed inter-professional dialogue and communication, leading potentially to the following benefits for patients:

  • Some joint (GP and pharmacist) medication-related care planning;
  • Improved GP medication care planning with patients (physical and mental health) with contributions from the pharmacist;
  • More comprehensive care planning by the GP with patients (lifestyle, prevention, psychosocial care) concerning both physical and mental health;
  • Better use of pharmacotherapies across physical and mental health;
  • Continuous and quality improvement of HMR services by community pharmacists.

A comparison was then made between ‘HMR plus case conferencing’ intervention and ‘standard HMR. One of the more important findings of the study was the differences seen between the two groups when examining the ‘action rate’. The action rate is the number of recommendations that were accepted and actioned by the GP divided by the total number of recommendations made. In the intervention group (HMR plus case conference) the action rate was 38% and in the control group it was 18%. It was hypothesized that this difference was due to the opportunity for face-to-face inter-professional discussion between the GP and the pharmacist.

The report made 11 conclusions and recommendations including post HMR meetings between GP’s and pharmacists should be given greater priority and a payment for pharmacists involved in case-conferencing should be considered