Community Pharmacy Research Support Centre

Project Details
Project ID: 2002-508
Type: Commissioned
Status: Completed
Institution: University of Sydney
Chief Investigator: Professor Carol Armour

Project Summary

The Community Pharmacy Research Support Centre is a national consortium of nine academic pharmacy units in Australia. The Centre is coordinated from the Faculty of Pharmacy in The University of Sydney, with nodes in The University of South Australia, Adelaide; La Trobe University, Bendigo; The University of Queensland, Brisbane; the University of Tasmania, Hobart; Monash University, Melbourne; Curtin University of Technology, Perth; James Cook University, Townsville; and Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga. Governance of the Centre is effected through an Executive Group, comprising a representative of each of the nine nodes, with a chair elected from the membership.

The overall purpose of the Centre is to develop and support community pharmacy practice research expertise and capacity.

The nine nodes contribute individually and collectively to a series of programs that are intended to:

  • promote a research culture in community pharmacy practice;
  • provide community pharmacists with access to training and education in research methods and practical aspects of research project management;
  • provide support to community pharmacists who wish to participate in or undertake research, including advice on the preparation of grant applications;
  • foster research collaborations among community pharmacists, and between community pharmacists and researchers in other fields;
  • generate a database of Australian and international community pharmacy research, covering published and unpublished reports;
  • obtain relevant materials from the PharmInterCom countries for incorporation in the research database;
  • facilitate international collaborations among the PharmInterCom countries, particularly on projects that use methods which can be applied trans-nationally;
  • generate reports on topics of interest to the Pharmacy Guild and the Commonwealth
  • promote community pharmacy research in the pharmacy profession, government and non-government agencies, and the health industry; and
  • promote awareness of the contribution of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia to the development of community pharmacy research nationally and internationally.