Consumer Experiences, Needs and Expectations of Community Pharmacy

Project Details
Project ID: 2005-501
Type: Commissioned
Status: Completed
Institution: University of South Australia
Chief Investigator: Dr Kathy Mott

Project Summary

Project Aim

The aim of this research into consumer experiences, needs and expectations of community pharmacy is to assist with improving relationships between consumers, pharmacy staff and government, and to contribute to the development of policy and services.

Proposed Methodology

The consulting team under the leadership of the University of South Australia is proposing a methodology encompassing five distinct modules of data collection, employing a variety of processes including telephone surveys, face to face exit surveys, interviews and focus groups. These modules will ensure that the perceptions and expectations of the general public and health consumers are comprehensively measured and contrasted against the views of pharmacists. Informing this process will be consultation with key stakeholders to the project, particularly in relation to their needs and expectations, and a literature search to review current research and best practice in community pharmacy and related fields. The information gathered will be summarized and analysed, and will play an integral part in the synthesis of the report and, most importantly, in the generation of recommendations that are likely to influence the future direction of community pharmacy.

Intended Outcomes

The intended outcome of this project is the development of best practice framework(s)/model(s) which will identify and provide a better understanding of the general population and health consumers’ experience, needs and expectations of pharmacist, pharmacy assistants and community pharmacy in order to improve the relationship between these stakeholders and assist in the development of better policy and services.

The Project Team

Project Co-Directors: Ms Kathy Mott, Senior Consultant Health Sciences, UniSA
Ms Frances Eltridge, General Manager, Harrison Health Research
Project Advisor: Professor Andrew Gilbert, Director, Quality Use of Medicines and Pharmacy Research Centre (QUMPRC), UniSA
Project Manager: Mr Tony Lawson, Tony Lawson Consulting
Research Consultants: Dr Agnes Vitry and Dr Deepa Rau, QUMPRC, UniSA
Dr Derek Weir and Mr Tony Wade, Australia’s Health