Cost benefit analysis of pharmacist only and pharmacy medicines and a risk based evaluation of the standards

Project Details
Project ID: 2001-502
Type: Commissioned
Status: Completed
Institution: University of Sydney
Chief Investigator: Professor Charlie Benrimoj

Project Summary

The Galbally Report in Australia identified a lack of data for the retention of Pharmacist Only (S3) and Pharmacy (S2) Medicine schedules. This project describes a conceptual approach for cost-benefit analysis of the schedules. Clinical interventions for S2/S3 medicines were measured. The definition and measurement of interventions nationally, identification of relevant costs, estimation of clinical and economic outcomes, and theoretical modelling, were undertaken. A 5-stage design was proposed. Stage 1 was a prospective national census of rare but significant interventions using a pre-piloted documentation form. Stage 2 measured S2/S3 interventions to test the influence of Quality Standards in pharmacies on the rates and significance of interventions. Pharmacies were identified using data on Quality Standards, validated by pseudo-patron visits. Stage 3 involved monitoring clinical and economic outcomes from the consumer perspective. Consumers were recruited by pharmacy staff post-intervention and surveyed using a piloted instrument. Stage 4 was an assessment of the interventions by expert clinical panels (pharmacists and physicians) to judge case reports and outcomes prevented using customised rating criteria. Stage 5 was an economic modelling of the potential savings and costs from the interventions with respect to Quality Standards and product schedules.