Customised education programs for patients with Diabetes Mellitus – Use of Structured Questionnaires and Education Modules

Project Details
Project ID: 2002-005
Type: Investigator Initiated
Status: Completed
Institution: Curtin University
Chief Investigator: Jeffery Hughes

Project Summary

This study aims to evaluate patient specific diabetes mellitus education programs (DMEP) for community pharmacists that would form part of a disease management program. Four hundred type 2 diabetic patients will be randomised into one of two groups (A or B). Group A will be the control, with patients receiving “standard care”. Group B patients will be enrolled into the DMEP program which will involve:

  • the administration of a diabetes mellitus specific questionnaire designed to identify individual patient’s education needs
  • development and delivery of a tailored education program
  • regular monitoring of BGLs and other treatment targets
  • progress assessment, and
  • identification and interventions to overcome barriers to adherence.

Success will be assessed based on the patient knowledge, level of adherence to treatment regimens, attainment of target BGLs and Hb1Ac, incidence of hypo- and hyper- glycaemic events and consumption of health care resources.