Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Funding Model Options for the Dispensing of Pharmacotherapies for Opioid Dependence in Community Pharmacy (Addiction Care 1)

Project Details
Project ID: 2004-532
Type: Commissioned
Status: Completed
Institution: HMA
Chief Investigator: Wayne Kinrade

Project Summary

The project commenced in November 2004. The broad scope of the project is to:

  • develop options for a best practice funding model for the subsidisation of pharmacotherapy dispensing costs within the community pharmacy setting to achieve optimal outcomes for the clients; and
  • trial and evaluate these options in a range of pharmacies, assessing efficiency and effectiveness, including impacts on health outcomes.

This project will provide an important opportunity to obtain quantitative and qualitative data to better understand the costs of service provision, resource utilisation, and satisfaction of providing opioid substitution pharmacotherapies, from the perspective of both community pharmacy providers and consumers. The project will collect a wide range of data to investigate the health, social and economic benefits of best practice funding model options for the provision of methadone and bupremorphine. These models will be trialed and evaluated from the perspective of community pharmacists’ roles in the provision of these treatments and the cost effectiveness of different approaches.

The project methodology involves the following stages:

  • collection of baseline data from 12 randomly selected community pharmacies, located in metropolitan and country regions, in three states. These data will enable a comprehensive costing of the pharmacotherapy services provided. The baseline data collection will also allow for significant consumer involvement;
  • three best practice funding options will be developed, based on the findings from a literature survey and the baseline data collection;
  • the funding options will then be trialed at nine community pharmacy sites over a three month period.

The trials will test the efficiency and effectiveness of the best practice models, including assessing the impact on service providers and client outcomes.