Dispensing and Monitoring of Schedule 8 and Schedule 4 (with dependency properties) Drugs (Addiction Care 2)

Project Details
Project ID: 2004-534
Type: Commissioned
Status: Completed
Institution: University of Ballarat
Chief Investigator: Chris Lynton-Moll

Project Summary

Illicit diversion and misuse of prescription Schedule 8 and Schedule 4 (S4 & S8) drugs which have dependency properties has been recognised as a significant problem in Australia and overseas. The level of prescribing, dispensing and consumption of these drug schedules in Australia is increasing.

The project aims to develop dispensing and counselling protocols, including development of an appropriate fee for unit dose medication to patients who may be at risk from drugs with dependency properties (Schedule 4 & Schedule 8). This project seeks to develop a best-practice model and trial and evaluate this model with a number of community pharmacies for a period of six months.

Evaluation and assessment will involve:

  • Identifying data required for evaluation and assessment, devising data collecting protocols, and designing and distributing recording forms
  • Collating and analysing data
  • Formulating the assessment and recommendations.