Evaluation of Clinical Interventions within Community Pharmacy (PROMISe II)

Project Details
Project ID: 2003-519
Type: Commissioned
Status: Completed
Institution: University of Tasmania
Chief Investigator: Professor Greg Peterson

Project Summary

The research established a sustainable, nationwide system for the ongoing collection of information from community pharmacists identifying incidents related to medication safety and subsequent clinical interventions by community pharmacists. The achieved aims were:

  • To refine and expand the present system into a fully-integrated medication incident and clinical intervention recording program that can be used by all community pharmacists.
  • To produce a software application that was simple and easy to use, without being time-consuming.
  • To produce an end-product that linked with other health informatics initiatives related to pharmacy practice (e.g. MediConnect, HealthConnect, Australian Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting System).
  • To extensively trial the system in community pharmacies and assess its value, usefulness and relevance.
  • To further develop and trial a model for payment for cognitive services by pharmacists.