Evaluation of HMR Program

Project Details
Project ID: 2004-526
Type: Commissioned
Status: Completed
Institution: Urbis Keys Young
Chief Investigator: John Schwartzkoff

Project Summary

This evaluation will be conducted to evaluate and assess the Home Medicines Review (HMR) Program incorporates an evaluation of the Medication Management Review (MMR) Facilitator Program. This evaluation takes place alongside an evaluation of the GP component of the HMR
Program, (also being undertaken by Urbis Keys Young) and a cost benefit analysis undertaken by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

The proposed methodology for the evaluation comprises the following components:

  • Initial Planning and Consultation
    • Meeting with Pharmacy Guild and Expert Advisory Group
    • Review of relevant background information and program data
      Development of draft discussion guides
    • Development of a communications strategy
    • Initial consultations with 6-8 key stakeholders
    • Agreement with relevant bodies re access to program, other statistical data and respondent
      groups, including protocols
    • Finalisation of evaluation framework
  • Consultation with stakeholders
    • Qualitative in-depth interviews with 35-40 stakeholders
  • Consultation with pharmacists
    • 4 focus groups in metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas
    • Postal survey of around 4,500 pharmacists (including HMR-registered pharmacists, accredited pharmacists and non-HMR-registered pharmacists)
    • Qualitative in-depth interviews with 25-30 pharmacists
  • Consultation with consumers
    • Qualitative in-depth interviews with 50 consumers
  • Consultation with MMR Facilitators
    • Qualitative in-depth interviews with 25-30 MMR Facilitators
  • Data Analysis and reporting
    • Analysis of all quantitative, qualitative and financial data and written submissions
    • Preparation of draft report on evaluation findings including outline of proposed
    • Meeting with Expert Advisory Group to discuss findings and options for future directions
    • Further development of recommendations and strategic advice on program development
      and evaluation
    • Preparation of final report