Evaluation of the Medicine Information for consumers (MIC) program

Project Details
Project ID: 92002-04
Type: Commissioned
Status: Completed
Institution: Taylor Nelson Sofres
Chief Investigator: Murray Benton

Project Summary

The program required a formative evaluation to refine the workings of the program and provide benchmarks against which the ultimate success (or otherwise) of the program could be assessed.

The objectives of this evaluation were:

  • To assess the extent to which community pharmacies are providing Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) and the mechanisms through which this occurs.
  • To examine how incentive payments have been used by pharmacies to improve CMI delivery and the impact these incentives have had.
  • To explore the barriers and facilitators to best practice CMI delivery.
  • To examine the impact of the MIC program on business processes and efficiency in pharmacies.
  • To explore options for recording CMI provision in a way that adequately reflects reality and that is robust enough to link to payments.
  • To benchmark consumer awareness, understanding, reactions to and use of CMI.
  • To explore consumer attitudes to, and experience with, CMI delivery.

The methodology was innovative and cost effective, using a variety of methods to obtain the information required, including:

  • A thorough review of available literature.
  • In-depth interviews with 25 key informants (stakeholders).
  • In-depth interviews with 108 pharmacists in all States and Territories and covering metropolitan, regional and remote areas (all conducted by senior TNS researchers).
  • Quantitative research with 1,500 pharmacists across all geographic areas.
  • Quantitative research with at least 320 consumers (and probably more) who receive CMI and follow up qualitative research with 30 of these people.
  • Two waves of survey research with a nationally representative sample of 1,000 Australian householders.
  • A trial of possible recording mechanisms for CMI delivery through pharmacies (full proposal pending).