Improving Australian’s access to prescription medicines: Development of pharmacy practice models

Project Details
Project ID: 2003-017
Type: Investigator Initiated
Status: Completed
Institution: Monash University
Chief Investigator: Dr Tracey Bessell

Project Summary

Current Australian prescribing arrangements may not fully meet the needs of the community in terms of timely, cost-effective and convenient access to prescription medicines. The project will develop practice models that:

  • provide consumers with improved, responsible and safe access to prescription medicines;
  • optimise pharmacists’ and doctors’ skills and time; and
  • reduce the inefficient use of health resources within the context of the Australian health care system.

The development of each model will be informed by the literature and the multidisciplinary Steering Committee. Twenty-seven key stakeholders and 96 doctors, pharmacists and consumers will discuss the feasibility and implementation of these models using qualitative research methods.