Pharmacy Cardiovascular Health Care Model

Project Details
Project ID: 2004-511
Type: Commissioned
Status: Completed
Institution: University of Tasmania
Chief Investigator: Professor Greg Peterson

Project Summary

A systematic review of published studies describing community pharmacy-based cardiovascular disease programs will be undertaken. This should be distinguished from a conventional literature review, as it will include an assessment of the quality of the published studies and the performance of statistical meta-analyses where appropriate.

Information will be collected on community pharmacy cardiovascular disease programs that have operated or are currently operating in Australia and abroad, to identify opportunities for them to be adopted or expanded in Australia. The systematic review will be developed within the following three major sub-areas:

  • Health promotion to prevent development and progression of cardiovascular disease.
  • Screening for cardiovascular risk factors and recommending referral for medical assessment and management when appropriate.
  • Improving therapeutic outcomes in cardiovascular disease – e.g. promoting evidence-based guidelines in the pharmacotherapy of cardiovascular disease, monitoring and promoting compliance with prescribed drug therapy.

Literature searching across each of these areas will be performed simultaneously and independently by teams of two researchers, who have all been trained in systematic review and meta-analysis methodology by the Australasian Cochrane Centre. The quality of the studies will also be assessed (e.g. noting for randomisation and adequate allocation concealment or blinding). If appropriate, meta-analyses will be performed across studies within the major health conditions. The results of the systematic review, along with the collective learning’s from previous studies in Australia and overseas (e.g. cardiovascular risk factor screening, quality of medicine reviews in atrial fibrillation and heart failure, and controlled interventional studies in atrial fibrillation, hypertension, and hyperlipidaemia) will be used in the development of a Pharmacy Cardiovascular Health Care Model.

This model will build on existing health service and health promotion plans, and promote partnership and collaboration across the health care system. As far as possible, the model will be developed to be consistent with the goals of the ‘National Strategy for Heart, Stroke and Vascular Health in Australia’. The model will support the role of the pharmacy profession in Pharmacy Cardiovascular Health Care Model promoting the dissemination and uptake of best preventive and treatment practices for heart, stroke and vascular diseases; enhance the role of consumers in maintaining and managing their own health; and improve the management of heart, stroke and vascular diseases across the continuum of care. Additionally, the project will address the
economic, ethical, legal, policy and safety implications for a national rollout of the model.