Pharmacy Continence Care Program

Project Details
Project ID: 2004-509
Type: Commissioned
Status: Completed
Institution: Nova Public Policy
Chief Investigator: Professor Rosemary Calder

Project Summary

This project has been commissioned to further develop, trial and evaluate a draft Pharmacy Continence Care Program with the intention that it be implemented nationally and included in the Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP). A literature review has been conducted to review the current evidence based best practice in the development of the Pharmacy Continence Care Module.

The Pharmacy Continence Care Program has been designed for the pharmacist to assist in the identification of people who are at risk of incontinence, as well as provide continued support and management to people with the condition. The program has been developed to identify, advise, counsel, and/or refer and promote continence awareness to people with incontinence, or at risk of becoming incontinent.

The research will:

  • Review and refine the Pharmacy Continence Care Program module
  • Identify barriers to, facilitators and resources for the implementation of the Program in community pharmacy
  • Develop an implementation strategy to pilot and then implement the program in a sample of pharmacies
  • Measure the health and economic outcomes of the Program and evaluate the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of this intervention with consideration of the recommendations of the National Continence Management Strategy Outcomes Measurement Suite project
  • Identify strategies for remuneration and sustainability for the service
  • Develop standards for possible incorporation into QCPP
  • Develop a national implementation plan and communication strategy to promote the service
  • Provide a final report on the outcomes of the Program and recommendations