Quantification of facilitators to accelerate uptake of cognitive pharmaceutical services (CPS) in community pharmacy

Project Details
Project ID: 2003-007
Type: Investigator Initiated
Status: Completed
Institution: University of Sydney
Chief Investigator: Professor Charlie Benrimoj

Project Summary

Business and professional facilitators of practice change have been identified in a qualitative study; however, determining the relative importance of facilitators for pharmacists and pharmacies with different values and at different stages of the change process is still required. The major aims of the project were to determine the relative importance of facilitators of practice change, promote the inclusion of such facilitators in future services and programs, inform the development of a change management model for the integration of CPS into pharmacy, and to identify some factors affecting financial investment in practice change in community pharmacy. This study involved qualitative research followed by a survey of a random sample of approximately 2000 Australian community pharmacies. Factor analysis and other statistical techniques were used to confirm the facilitators and investigate their relative importance. The results will help accelerate the adoption of CPS in community pharmacy and aid in the development of policies and strategies for the profession.

Ten major recommendations arose from the report. The final report can be consulted for a full discussion and list of recommendations, however three of the recommendations are as follows:

  • A funded change management program for community pharmacy is required as a matter of priority
  • Programs intended for implementation in community pharmacy must not only offer some perceived benefits from both a professional and business perspective, but must also provide mechanisms for engaging the whole team in the pharmacy in the change process; and
  • Undergraduate education needs to prepare pharmacy students for coping with change in practice by including consideration of the identified facilitators in the curriculum.